Organ Case

organ case

St.Aegidi Parish Church of St. Ägidius
Beech wood, pigments, gold


The artistic concept for the organ case in the parish church of St. Ägidi was developed with reference to the parable of the pearl in Matthew 13, 44-46.
Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant who was looking for good pearls and finally found a pearl of great value. He then sold everything he had to acquire this precious pearl.
The artist Katharina Mayrhofer would like to retell this parable through the design of the veil boards.
The wooden balls made of beech wood are threaded on round wooden sticks at a distance of 7 cm from each other. The color of the balls is based on that of natural pearls. The silk matt color palette of pastel tones ranges from off-white, creamy white, light ivory, rosé to silver gray and gold.
The brochure tells of the process, the search for the precious pearl. Among all the many pearls, the viewer finds only one, which represents the precious pearl, which is set in gold.
The golden pearl can be found in the central part of the Hauptwerk, clearly visible at the highest point.
The strings of pearls are staggered and the lengths are individually adjusted according to the size and length of the organ pipes. The middle horizontal line on the Hauptwerk below the organ pipes is highlighted in light ivory.
Beginning at the top of the Hauptwerk, the strings of pearls regularly run down the organ. Visually, the pearls gather in the three windows above the gaming table. The collected pearls are assembled into a melody by the organist on the sheet music and then spread as a pearling sound in the church room.
photo credits: Kehrer
  Organ Case