I have dedicated my work to the dynamic phenomenon of space.
Every human creates space, he constructs, organizes and lives through it.
This has such a high priority to me that my artistic development is shaped above all else by this phenomenon.
My installations show what space can be and how it can be altered with.

Why did you become an artist?

That was no intentional decision. It just sort of happened to me. In hindsight, it would have been rather difficult avoiding to become an artist, given I grew up in a family of artists.

How does one come up with the idea of declaring a huge rubber hose as art?

I took away the purpose and the original use of my primary material, the silage film. With this method you can certainly make a step towards art. Personally, I just fancy experimenting and exploring, that’s just a lot of fun, not so much declaring something as art.

What’s the formative element in the genesis of your work, the local situation or the picture in your head?

The formative element is first of all the material. I experiment with the qualities of a material and so bit by bit a picture forms in my head. But the local situation is also very important, especially in my method, because the effect and impact of my objects are depending on the local space.

How do you inspire yourself for a new project?

While playing with my children I discover day-to-day materials. Right now, misplaced socks, sponges and gym balls are very inspiring.

The conversation was held by Andreas Schmucki Co-Curator Jungkunst, Switzerland


born 1987 in Haag am Hausruck, Upper Austria


2020 PhD – candidate, University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

2008-2013                                                                                                                                                               University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz – Fine Arts, Experimental Design, Diploma Andrea van der Straeten

2001-2005 HTBLA Hallstatt technical school for crafts, Departement sculpture



„Preise und Talente“, OK- Offenes Kulturhaus Linz – A


„Junge Kunst Passau“, Sankt Anna Kapelle, Passau – D
„IN VITRO“, IKG-Räumlichkeiten, Ried i. I. – A


“Im Trüben Fischen”, Deutschvilla, Strobl am Wolfgangsee – A

“In Anbetracht der Wirklichkeit”, Galerie 20gerHaus, Ried i.I. – A


„Multiversum“, Schäxpirfestival, Ursulinenhof, Linz – A

„rubber grubs“, Oö.Landesgartenschau, Aigen-Schlägl – A


„Garten des Verschwindens“, gfk, Hollerberer-Hof, Linz – A

„KünstlerInnen“, Kunsthaus Obernberg, Obernberg am Inn – A


 „#goldendeliciouswuk“, Kunstzelle im WUK, Wien-A


“schlot shit” Raumschiff, Linz – A

“explore” Galerie 20gerHaus, Ried.i.I. – A

“DOME” WirkRaumKirche, St.Gallen, – CH

“Familienverbund” Galerie Zwach, Schörfling am Attersee – A


„airreal“ Galerie Spektakel, Wien – A.

„container museum“ Halle 52, Winterthur – CH


„Jungkunst“ Halle 52 , Winterthur – CH

„Kunstpreis der Freunde des Lentos“, Kunstmuseum Lentos, Linz – A


„Knick ein Objekt auf Reisen“, KUMO, Passau -D

„Knick ein Objekt auf Reisen“, Kunstraum Kesselhaus, Bamberg – D


2021 competition redesign organ case Pfarre St. Ägidi – A

2020 Kunst am Bau, Rauminstallation AK-Ried i. I. – A

2019 competition for Oö. Landesgartenschau Aigen-Schlägl – A

grants & awards

2021 Preisträgerin Talenteförderungsprämie für Interdisziplinäre Kunstformen, Land Oö.

2020 Junge Kunst, Kunstprojekt der Sparkasse Passau – D

2014 work scholarship of University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

2013 Würdigungspreis des Bundesministeriums für Wissenschaft und Forschung

2012 LinzExport

2012 Grant of University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

2011 Grant of University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz

Artist in Residence at subnet Upper Austria

2010 Domus Artium Malo – I

2008 Egon Schiele Art Center Krumau – C

Member of IKG