Jungkunst Winterthur


Looked at from a fair distance Knick presents itself at first as a „massive“ form that occupies space, demands it and blocks the way of the spectator. In an otherwise empty room there is an object, black, similar to a hose or a giant worm, over 6 m high, 25 m long and inflatable. The installation seems to dominate the space completely; the spectator is forced to walk around the object. He strolls between the restrictions of the room and the outer limit of the installation. When touched the object reacts with gentle wave-like movements, which makes it seem to be breathing.
At a closer look the spectator will discover two horizontal, mouth-like entrances.
Entered through those the installation seems to start living through the movement of the spectators inside.
On the inside the installation leads the spectators through a 25 m long corridor, with a narrowness of which many describe as claustrophobic. In this situation of great „Raumangst“ many associations will arise in the spectators, that may have slumbered in the depths of their soul before.
While walking through the object every action of a person influences the others and provokes reaction and interaction.
Getting through together shape the responsibility and social behaviour of the group.