With a special arrangement of objects filled with air and helium the artist Katharina Mayrhofer attempts to contextualise the dynamic phenomenon of space with the inevitability of the passing of time.

The installation golden delicious consists of a hundred handmade objects made out of rescue foil that make the space tangible. Depending on the viewer’s perspective and focus, one can see through the objects, into them, or see their own reflection.

It only takes a small breeze to set the slightly translucent objects in a new position. The resulting state of permanent change thematises the notion of transience with a glittering costume. Time passes inexorably – the objects begin to contract more and more, folds emerge, breaking the light a thousandfold in the reflective foil.

At the opening visitors can touch the objects and explore the space. You are invited to take photos of/with the objects and post them to #goldendeliciouswuk on Instagram.

Kunstzelle is curated by Christine Baumann.