What is sacral space? Where does it begin? Where can the threshold between sacral and non-sacral space lie?
Those are the questions I explore in my artistic research DOME.
DOME is an inflatable object, which consists of two parts and the footprint forms a circle. One might picture the installation as an oversized shell, a room that lays itself gently over the pre-existing architecture of the church interior and therefore displays an abstracted form of the outside „Raumschale“ (church interior) on the inside of DOME. On the outside it is black and on the inside it is white.
The visitor enters the object through a hook-and-loop fastener, which he closes again behind him. He finds himself in a hall of 200 square meter or a room of 44 square meter. The visitor stands in a „total installation“.


The spectator is no longer distracted by the designed, surrounding space of the outside „Raumschale“ and may thusly redefine the artisticly conceived space for himself.
You can take a look at my Portfolio where you find the first results from my artistik room-research with “dome”.

Portfolio dome  PDF Download German Version